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Inspired for a better world!

Social innovation through expanding human intellectual capacity

We stand with Ukraine

On February 24, Russia began the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. This is an act of war, an attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, a gross violation of the UN Charter and international law’s fundamental norms and principles.

Astem Foundation, as one of the leading social development foundations in Ukraine, launched an emergency humanitarian project to respond to emergency and long-term needs resulting from military aggression in Ukraine.

The initiative aims to establish a pooling of donor contributions for designated funding of multi-sectoral aid programs.

Who we are

We are a mission-driven fund, committed to promote principled and innovative communities in Ukraine. Our social investments contribute to betterment of life through education, community development and proactive civic engagement.

The Foundation was founded by Aslan Omer Kirimli and Rustem Umerov as a philanthropic arm of the ASTEM to provide support to Ukraine community programs with a special focus to Crimea and Crimean Tatars.

Our mission is to make a better world for everyone, bringing united funding, innovation and expertise.


Strategic Priorities

Human Rights Advocacy

Promoting and defending human rights and freedoms across Ukraine

Science & Education

Increasing student access and mentorship in STEM and general leadership

Refugee Integration Support

Global support for employment opportunities & economic integration for refugees

Cultural Commonwealth

Supporting initiatives aimed to revive and develop Crimean cultural heritage

Socio-Economic Development

Creating living, working and learning opportunities for our communities

Digital Transformation

Using digital technologies to improve public policy and business processes

Operational Approach

We raise and manage targeted funding for not-for-profit organisations that perform activities in areas of our primary interest.
We support following types of fund administration:


Usage of the funds is suggested by the board or donor


Funds are used for whatever charitable entity the donor chooses

Community Service

Funds are used to address changing needs of specific community


Funds are used to assist students with the cost of higher education