As part of the “100 Cars for the Victory” program, the Astem Foundation Charitable Fund continues to work to bring the common Victory closer
Today, the Nissan Pathfinder car was handed over to the 3rd brigade of operational assignment named after Colonel Petro Bolbochan “SPARTAN” of the National Guard of Ukraine, which belongs to the Eastern operational-territorial association of NSU and has been defending our country for many years.
The car was purchased thanks to the support of international partners and those who care. We hope that it will not only facilitate the performance of tasks by our military, but also help save more than one life.
Lets remind that «100 Cars for the Victory» is a project within which vehicles will be used for delivery of humanitarian aid, people evacuation from combat zones; evacuation of wounded to the hospitals and to support to territorial defense forces. The list shall include pick-up trucks, SUVs, minibuses and at least 25 ambulances.
We believe in Victory and work for it together!