As part of the “100 vehicles for the Victory” program, the Astem Foundation donated a bus for humanitarian needs to the NGO “SHAN” ( Non-governmental organization “SHAN” organized a free shelter for people who were forced to evacuate from the territories of hostilities. Today, 98 people, mostly women and children, live in the shelter. The public organization is engaged in volunteer activities, namely: providing food kits, personal hygiene products and clothing.
In addition, the NGO “SHAN” actively supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine and brings our victory closer: helps with food, ammunition, and medicines.
“We express our sincere thanks for the provision of charitable assistance in the form of a vehicle to carry out such important tasks for all of us and for the whole of Ukraine.” – says the letter of the NGO “SHAN”.
The program “100 vehicles for the Victory” is implemented by the Astem Foundation with the support of international partners. In general, within the framework of this program, it is planned to purchase and transfer for humanitarian purposes 100 vehicles: ambulances, jeeps, minibuses, etс.