Bizim Qirim Organization

International Nongovernmental Organization aimed to preserve national interests, enhance reestablishment of political, social-economic, cultural, linguistic and religious rights of Crimean Tatar people;
The main objectives of Organization are:

  • preservation of human rights and freedoms, preservation of rights of indigenous people in Ukraine;
  • enhancement of recovery of national and religious identity of Crimean Tatar people;
  • propaganda of Crimean Tatar language, culture and customs among inhabitants of AR Crimea;
  • creation of positive image for Crimean Tatar people and proliferation of ideas of humanism, peacekeeping and tolerance among inhabitants of AR Crimea;
  • formation of experience of common international, political, business and humanitarian activities of Crimean Tatar youth;
  • representation and preservation of own legal interests and interests of its members in the face of national, regional and local authorities, as well as public associations; participation in political process of ARC and Ukraine, conduction of mass events (meetings, demonstrations etc.) within the framework of actual legislature of Ukraine and international law;


Project Name Description Starting Year
Crimean Tatar language courses To live in Crimea means to know its language! «Qırım Tili Kursları» are the courses of the Crimean Tatar language. They were developed taking into account the specific of Turkic languages that based on methodology of leading linguistic schools of the world applying an advanced technologies in teaching.
«BIZIM QIRIM» initiates regular courses to learn Crimean Tatar language.
History of Crimea History shows the past of every nation, every state. In order to build deserving (worth of praise) future we must have a good knowledge of the past. But it is extremely important to study it from reliable sources. On the one hand, the history of Crimea is very interesting and rich, on the other, after the seizure of these lands, the politics provided by Russians has been turned to destroy the history of nation with the aim to wipe out the indigenous population. To leave people without a future, they have set a goal to destroy its history and sources of our history had been destroying
for centuries. As a result, the history of Crimea has been rewritten to the interests of ruling regime.
When our people has returned to the motherland, being in the new political situation, since it has begun to build its new future, in order to make its demands, the history of Crimea becomes very actual and interesting either for Crimean Tatar or for the representatives of national minorities that live in Crimea.
«BIZIM QIRIM» has collected historians which are engaged in the history of Crimea and have set a goal to publish a book “The History of Crimea”. This book is to be printed in four languages: Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian and English.