Recently, the Astem Foundation delivered humanitarian aid to the liberated Kherson and the surrounding villages of Antonivka and Zelenivka within the framework of the “500 Relief Kits” project.
Despite the fact that the region suffered greatly during the occupation and hostilities and, unfortunately, continues to suffer from enemy shelling every day, many families from the currently occupied territories found refuge here. Most of the families are waiting for the opportunity to return to their homes. Of course, if they are still there. Someone has already lost such hope, because they know that the previous life is destroyed forever… But for now, everyone is forced to organize life from scratch…
Thanks to the large family kits, which consist of basic necessities, we want to make life easier and help solve the primary problems of 70 families from among the forced migrants who currently live in these settlements.
We hope that we will have the opportunity to continue to support and help families in these difficult times for everyone.
We are approaching Victory together!