In the summer 2022 the funds were raised in Poland for the legendary UAV Bayraktar TB2 acquisition for Ukraine through the initiative of a polish journalist Sławomir Sierakowski.
Later, the manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles – Turkish company Baykar made the decision to donate the Bayraktar TB2 UAV to Ukraine, for which the funds have been collected by the people of Poland.
Hence, the funds collected for the purpose to support Ukraine in defending against the armed aggression of russia owing to a good will of Baykar management led by Haluk Bayraktar have a chance to serve at another but not less important front – humanitarian.
It is obvious that one of the essential areas of assistance is support of residents of settlements which are staying in extremely difficult life circumstances. Amidst constant conditions of life-threatening, lack of heat and light the people’s survival depends, among other things, on the ability to even feed themselves and their loved ones.
We are pleased to announce that thanks to these funds, “Astem Foundation” received possibility to implement two new projects:
1️⃣ Project «500 Relief Kits»
The kits, which are aimed for for internally displaced persons, will include warm clothing sets for children and adults, blankets, Radio (battery-powered), thermal sleeping bags, LED camping lights, first aid kits, portable power plants (300 W)/generators (2 kW), portable gas burners. This helps many families stranded in hard conditions to get through the difficult time.
2️⃣ Project «100 Cars for Victory»
These vehicles will be used for delivery of humanitarian aid, people evacuation from combat zones; evacuation of wounded to the hospitals and to support to territorial defense forces. The list shall include pick-up trucks, SUVs, minibuses and at least 25 ambulances.