Today, the first 50 relief kits of humanitarian aid, formed by the Charitable Organization Astem Foundation, reached the Zaporizhzhia region and began to be delivered to the addressees.
Aid is intended for families of internally displaced persons who have been forced to leave their homes in enemy-occupied territories and seek shelter near the front lines in the hope of returning home.
Unfortunately, as a result of Russian aggression and hostilities, millions of people inside the country became forcibly displaced persons. And although any comparison of the degree of displacement of people who were forced to flee the war is inappropriate, agree that the most severe trials fell on the fate of people from the occupied territories and territories that were in the line of fire. Therefore, today our attention is precisely to such families.
Each of the fifty relief kits handed over to the Zaporizhzhia Region includes essential items designed to facilitate the organization of family life in new conditions. These include warm clothing kits for children and adults, blankets, battery-powered AM/FM/NOAA ALERT Radios, thermal sleeping bags, LED camping lights, first aid kits, portable power stations (300W)/generators (2kW) and gas burners.
The provision of humanitarian aid became possible with the mediation of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Public Organization “Sports Federation of Fire and Applied Sports of Zaporizhzhia”, for which we are extremely grateful to them.